I am so lucky to have a good relationship with my grandparents. They pretty much raised me, so I don’t have that awkward you’re-old-and-don’t-understand-me relationship with them that some people have. My grandpa just got out of the hospital, he has been battling cancer and diabetes and everything else for as long as I can remember. He’s doing so well compared to a week or two ago!

This picture is so stunning. Simple pictures are always the most profound.

My little sisters and I made a paper chain out of neon computer paper and wrote reasons why we love Grampa on each link. We gave it to him to brighten up his hospital room. He loved it! He bragged about it to every nurse that came in. It made me feel good to know that we gave him something to feel good about considering how much pain he is in:(.

Katie, Grampa, Jenny, Chrissy & I with the paper chain!

Speaking of things that are simple yet shockingly profound, my Grama has a few phrases and go-to tidbits of advice (that typically include a lot of prayer) when I go to her for help. One thing that she always says is “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Chrissy and I were talking about how that is one of those things that can literally apply to any situation. We want to get tattoos before I go back up to school, and that’s what I’m going to get. I just can’t decide where or in what font.