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So the last few months have been pivotal for the changes I had planned on making in my life. I’m proud to say I have made a lot of key changes that have had extremely good results. The main issue that I’ve been dealing with is being resilient in the face of negative influences. I think the main thing I’ve learned is that if someone is always being negative and talking about what they hate about themselves/the world around them, that people are going to start believing them. If you hate yourself, everyone else is going to eventually as well. I know it’s not easy for some people to be confident, but I truly believe it’s the sole factor that will motivate you to do what you need/want to do.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in college / living in a house with 30+ girls, it’s that everyone is fuckin weird. And it’s so annoying that people get all hung up on their weirdness. Once you embrace how weird / embarrassing everything you do is, you’ll realize just how weird the world is, and it’s liberating as hell.

I truly feel that one you realize how awesome you are, other people will see it. That leads to strong friendships, good romantic relationships, lasting business connections, and overall you’ll get respect from anyone you meet.
Basically just decide what you want to be and do, and then rock it.


Charity Water

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My friend Kristin (Kristin’s In Rome) and I have recently started a personal campaign for Charity:Water called Gelato’d In Rome. She is studying abroad in Rome, and I am working on the campaign stateside. The non-profit organization provides third-world countries with ways to get clean drinking water. This is something that I have become very passionate about, so we are trying to raise $1,000. That will help 50 people! I am asking for donations in ANY amount. Even a dollar can help. If you are unable to donate, please help us out by passing this information on to those around you who would be willing to donate. Here is the link to our campaign:

My Blog Is A Success!


Oh Joy!

So when I got 160 views in 2 hours, I started wondering what the average views per day are for new bloggers and I found in most forums that a lot of people get around 10-50 per day. That made me feel awwweessommmee, people! I’m so glad everyone likes it so far 🙂 Keep checking back, there’s even more to come!

Lmao. Have a good day.



Life Lessons from Bro Tips

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To be fair to all of the bro’s out there, almost every guy I hang with it in a fraternity. That being said, there is a difference between a fratty bro, and a BRAH. Normally I’d say something entitled “bro tips” would have to be considered part of the lame bro category that TFM would make fun of, but some of them were actually inspirational. In my defense I found these on pinterest.

In case you are unaware of what “that guy” is, read this. Caution: if you are unaware then you are “that guy”. (Can be referring to a female). If not, read the article anyway, it’s hilarious! Via Thought Catalog. (Which I follow on Twitter and is increasingly becoming my favorite thing to read online).

Hahaha. I realize I’m burning myself with this one.

And finally,

🙂 Goodnight world.


Thinspo [Real Strength & Portion Distortion]

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I really believe in using thinspiration as a source of strength and empowerment, not for negatively putting yourself down. Everything is okay in moderation. Food, exercise, sleep, everything.




White Ink

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So, I have a nasty burn on my right forearm that was from a metal cross but has morphed into what more than a few frat guys haven’t failed to point out looks like a boner. Since I really don’t think it’s ever going to heal, I’m going to get a white ink tattoo outlining it so you can tell it was a cross, and then get words under it (also in white ink). I’m not sure exactly what phrase I want yet, because I am such a huge believer of mantra’s and I have sooo many that I live by. Here are some cute ones I’ve found.


Why Blog?

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I thought I’d take a little time for reflection as my first week of blogging comes to a close. I’ve had an explosion of hundreds of views this week, which was compleeetteely unexpected. I started this as a way to organize all of the inspiration I have, but I love how inspired everyone else has been by it! I feel so blessed everytime I get an email or a comment or a subscriber because I know that I’m inspiring other people. It’s really motivating. This week was a trial run, and I’m glad I decided to go public with it instead of just organizing it all in some other way and keeping it to myself. I’ve not only been able to share my ideas and inspo with everyone, but people have been sharing stuff with me! I’ve read so much about people using blogging as first just for fun and then eventually into their job, and I can see how they made that decision! It’s addicting! I’ve always been a good writer, and I hope to maybe someday do that as well. I got some feedback from a close person in my life who is in the field of HR that was definitely different from most of the responses, and that was that posting things on a blog about my life is going to be detrimental to finding a job some day. I really have no idea what field I’m actually going to end up in, but I really hope whatever I choose is going to be a place in which they can read my blog and be inspired, rather than judge me for what I post. All I know is everyone seems to be enjoying it, and I definitely am! So keep checking back or subscribe to get emailed when I post new things. A word of advice on that, I’m trying to get a bunch of posts out a day right now while I have nothing better to do in the summer and to really get a lot of content on here, so I’d select the option to get my emails once a week so I don’t overload your inbox and annoy the shit out of you! 🙂


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