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Alright so I’m going to show you guys what I did for these crafts:

Bought this frame at Good Will for under a dollar. I originally wanted to just do the inside yellow and keep the gray border, but the spray paint kindof got everywhere and it just turned out to be a hassle.

So I had a paper towel by this to wipe the spray paint off my hands, and the wind blew it onto the frame and made these weird marks and when I tried spray painting over it, you could still tell. So I just did it all over and it ended up looking kindof cool.

I couldn’t figure out how to get the hooks into the frame to hold the necklaces so I just hooked them over the top. It looked great for recruitment, but it ended up being kindof a pain in the ass, so it’s currently being unused on the top shelf of my closet. I’m going to take it home to have my Dad help me over break. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Broken / Thinspo

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Yeah I’m feelin’ a little broken lately considering I sprained my ankle and it currently looks like there’s a tennis ball in it. Although it is better than it was a few days ago. I’m in such a rut because I couldn’t exactly enjoy the last few days of homecoming week and I’m going stir crazy from just sitting around. I just want to work out. And wear heeeeeels. (#TSM).

Luckily, I have 94 wonderful sisters to help me out 🙂 But there’s nothin’ like getting pampered from my family. So I had to skip on on the end of Homecoming and head home for the rest of the weekend. I’m having a love-hate relationship with that decision. But having the top bunk on the third floor while Sig Ep comes in to wake us up in the middle of the night just didn’t scream fast ankle recovery to me.

So anyway, I’m pumped to be blogging again, even though I have no idea when I’m going to have this kind of time again. So here’s some new workout thinspiration! Remember to stay fit the healthy way 🙂


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