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Zomg I’m another year old!

I might seriously try to make those. But seriously, if anyone wants me to be happy on this most special of days; here is my birthday wish list:

Okay just kidding. Kindof.

But I wouldn’t mind if someone just felt like giving me an unlimited credit card to spend soley on shoes. Haha.

Awww. Okay but seriously if anyone wants to make me the happiest muhfucka and you failed at getting any of the above items, I’ll always settle for all the seasons of Golden Girls on DVD. And I’m actually serious about that one hahaha. I love that shit.

Alright but in all seriousness it’s my birthday so it’s time to go out on the town! Peace and Love!



Gotta Love the 90′s! Part 2!

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Since everyone loves remenicing, my first post about 90’s memories was super successful. Here’s some more wonderful 90’s things to jog your memory! 🙂 Enjoy!




I don’t know what exactly the point of this is but I saw it and thought it was hilarious seeing as I love airplanes and I’m from Wisconsin and therefore I love cheese.
 Okay so I have a bunch of appointments with advisors and other random people within the next few weeks because I absolutely have to pick a major. I just want to do everything so I can’t pick just one thing. I have all of my lib ed’s done after this semester and it’s like extremely necessary to decide on what I want to do with my life and I have no idea. It might seem out of character because I’m such a creative soul but my absolute dream job would to be a pilot but I can’t do that at my school. Ahhh.







Why Blog?

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I thought I’d take a little time for reflection as my first week of blogging comes to a close. I’ve had an explosion of hundreds of views this week, which was compleeetteely unexpected. I started this as a way to organize all of the inspiration I have, but I love how inspired everyone else has been by it! I feel so blessed everytime I get an email or a comment or a subscriber because I know that I’m inspiring other people. It’s really motivating. This week was a trial run, and I’m glad I decided to go public with it instead of just organizing it all in some other way and keeping it to myself. I’ve not only been able to share my ideas and inspo with everyone, but people have been sharing stuff with me! I’ve read so much about people using blogging as first just for fun and then eventually into their job, and I can see how they made that decision! It’s addicting! I’ve always been a good writer, and I hope to maybe someday do that as well. I got some feedback from a close person in my life who is in the field of HR that was definitely different from most of the responses, and that was that posting things on a blog about my life is going to be detrimental to finding a job some day. I really have no idea what field I’m actually going to end up in, but I really hope whatever I choose is going to be a place in which they can read my blog and be inspired, rather than judge me for what I post. All I know is everyone seems to be enjoying it, and I definitely am! So keep checking back or subscribe to get emailed when I post new things. A word of advice on that, I’m trying to get a bunch of posts out a day right now while I have nothing better to do in the summer and to really get a lot of content on here, so I’d select the option to get my emails once a week so I don’t overload your inbox and annoy the shit out of you! 🙂



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Government Shutdown = No Beer

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See, I knew there was a reason I came home to Milwaukee for a few weeks this summer. Our state government officials may flee the state when there are tough issues to solve, but at least we don’t completely shut down. And if we ever did, I guarantee that this would not happen.

Watch if you’re having a bad day. Seriously.

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