You’re Da Bomb Favors

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So I’m a dumbass and forgot to take a picture of my final product but this is what inspired me to make my You’re Da Bomb favors for all of our new pledges for Initiation.

We have this tradition where we set out little goodie bags and throughout our I-Week, the older members put all sorts of cute little goodies in there for all of the girls. It ranges from candy to notes to mixed-tape style cd’s, you name it. Here’s what I did:

I guess I’m not the only dumbass because I just noticed that the ones I was inspired by isn’t even grammatically correct. (Your the bomb) haha.



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Just so everyone is aware, this exact flower thing [below] is going to be at my wedding. So go ahead and use this as inspiration too, but I’m just letting the public know ahead of time that I called it!

Pantone Fall 2011 Colors

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There you have it! The color trends for fall 2011!

I just thought since I was posting about color, I’d add this picture that I stumbled across and I loved it considering how right-brained I am!


Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs


Angelfood cake, strawberries, wooden skewers, and drizzled chocolate. Couldn’t be more simple, but looks elegant.

Inspired by Introdekatelyn. She’s my little sister! Check out the other little sister’s too [Zeejenneration]. Chrissy’s is still under construction. Have a wonderful night!



Giftspiration – Forever Flowers & Accordion Box

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So while my grandpa was in the hospital, my grandma spent so much time going back and forth to the hospital, making sure he was okay. But I suspect that it was almost a break for her considering how much she does for him on a daily basis. I know how much she does for him and for everyone. She loves to take care of people and never expects anything in return. She seriously inspires me so much. So I made her “forever flowers”. They’re made out of tissue paper. I just folded the tissue paper a bunch of times and tied it with wire in the middle and opened up the folds. I tied the extra wire all together and stuck it into a styrofoam chunk from inside the vase of some other fake flowers from my house. I got the pail at Michaels.

I was inspired by this for the Accordion Box which instead of putting a collection of things on each fold, I used it as a card to write a special message.

I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the one I made but you can see the box in the flowers.

Here are some other accordion inspired crafts! :

Glue the envelopes together to make a card with a bunch of pockets. (Via Martha)

Take apart an old book from where you traveled to and make an accordion scrapbook. (Via Martha)

Or cover an old book with a map if you went to more than one place!

Wish I had a tutorial on h0w to do this! It looks so cool.



Edit: New Dress!

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The strap on the red dress was super loose and annoying and wouldn’t stop falling down so I decided to change into this dress from Charolette Russe 🙂

Wedding! [Warning there’s a mirror pic in this post! Hahh]

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I’m soooo excited for the wedding I’m going to today!

Guess Shoes- Got them for $40!

Windsor Dress
And for the record I think it’s extremely lame to take a picture of yourself in the mirror, but all of my sisters are getting ready and wouldn’t take a picture until they’re done and I don’t feel like waiting.

Finally splurged and got the Victoria’s Secret slip! 🙂

Have a love-filled day!


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