Martha Stewart’s Pom Poms

Cut the fabric into strips; using a rotary cutter, an acrylic ruler, and a cutting mat will be the least labor-intensive method. (For garland, cut 7-, 9-, or 12-inch-wide strips that are 120 inches long. For favor and hair decorations, cut 3-inch-wide strips that are 20 inches long. Hand-sew a running stitch down the center (tie a knot in the end of your sewing thread, leaving a long tail), stopping after about 12 inches to push the fabric along the thread to gather it. Continue stitching and bunching until you reach end of strip; gather the fabric tightly, and tie the tails of the sewing thread in a knot. (If you will use the pom-poms for headbands or favor decorations, do not trim the sewing thread now.)

To make puffs into garlands, use a long large-eyed needle, such as a darning needle or upholstery needle, to sew white string through the centers of the pom-poms, and slide the pom-poms into position as you go. (Trim the ends of the sewing thread at any point after knotting.)

To use a puff to grace a favor box or as a hair decoration, use the tails of the sewing thread to tie or sew the pom-pom to the headband, the favor ribbon, or to the loop of a bobby pin; then trim the thread.