This rug is made from old towels. Check it out at Fine Craft Guild.

Handmade Bathroom Mat

1. First, wash and dry the towel or towels you’ll be using for your mat.
2. Decide how big you want your bath rug to be by measuring the dimensions on the flour, e.g.. in from of your shower recess, as shown here.
3. Purchase gridded matting and cut it to those dimensions. Can be bought at a craft shop or basic home ware store as this usually sits under floor rugs to avoid slipping. It is also called an ‘anti-slip mat’.
4. Cut the towels into 5-6” long pieces, approx. 3/4” thick.
5. Knot each strip along the grid, ensuring they all face the same way.

Tip: for a thick, full mat, knot along every line. For a thinner mat, knot along every other line.

It’s an easy to do project that require little concentration. . It may take you a while but it will be worth it once you’re finished with your eco-chic bathroom mat.

Budget:  nil (whatever an anti-slip under rug costs in  your area. Maybe $2-3?  )